silence from you is like the death of a tune (richips) wrote in boston_teaparty,
silence from you is like the death of a tune

Yay tea parties!

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Any thoughts on having tea & ______ parties?

Being a big geek, I was thinking tea and boardgames. Or perhaps tea and debates. But I'm open to ideas if people think that's a direction they wanna go.
Sure thing. i.e. tea and Clue! (i don't know about debates, i take this as a relaxing thing, but then it ain't like tea parties can't happen without me. you know, you can put on too! just post here.)
however, this requires a bit more research to venue.
what do you think?
I try not to think. And yeah, tea + debates might be the opposite of relaxing.
I have trivial pursuit 90s edition...
Dunno, I'd do tea and debates. Tea and boardgames too. We could do it at Algiers in Harvard Sq; they never seemed to care in the past.
We did it at Algiers once. It was a dark and stormy night...actually it was a light night because it was a snow storm.
I think for a while the staff knew my friend and I as 'the tea and Cosmic Wimpout people'. I need to do that again.
Tea and board games! A fantastic idea!

Can we find a tea shop that has sufficient table space for board game playing? I've heard of Davis Square board game nights, but I think that's at a burrito place.
Diesel has its own board games! if we can reserve that big table somehow...
Does Diesel *do* reservations? 'Cuz that'd be awesome if they did....
Sadly, it's one of the defunct burrito places.